The Beverage Testing Institute

On the left is a 360 panorama of a beer tasting held at the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) in Chicago in 1999. Click on the red hotspots for more info about how BTI works.

Founded in 1984, BTI developed a method for reviewing wines, beers, and spirits in collaboration with food scientists at Cornell University. Many of the nation's greatest tasters have served on our panels.

Among some of the notable tasters who have served on BTI panels are John Walker of Esquire magazine (above), Robert Mondavi, Andre Tchelistcheff, Leon Adams, Michael Broadbent, Dr. Richard Peterson, Dr. Ann Noble, Chip Cassidy, Harriet Lembeck, Michael Aaron, Anthony Dias Blue, Joel Spellman, Todd Hess, Dan Berger, Michael Jackson, Oz Clarke, Burt Notarius, Prof. Steven Mutkoski, Michaela Rodeno, Carlo Russo, John Scharffenberger, Warren Winiarski, Lucio Sorre, David Stare, Jeff Zacharia, and more than 200 important buyers and critics.