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I recently asked a client, John Graham of Campbell-Lacoste marketing in Madison Wisconsin, to comment on his experience working with me. He said:

"Craig was able to explain to me the plentiful options I had and then helped me to pick the solution that worked best. If you looking for an accommodating down to earth photographer, without the sky high prices talk to Craig Goldwyn."

The Spinmeister

Spinography.com is pretty much a one-man band, and that's good for you. When you work with me, you work with me, not an apprentice or assistant. I am dedicated to pushing the limits of the medium to involve viewers and help them find the products and services of my clients. I can help you sell.

Sure, anyone with a camera can do a drive-by shooting, but the difference between a pro and an amateur is the difference between the way Titanic and the Blair Witch Project looked. I know light, composition, and the latest technologies. I bring such a wide range of experiences that my solutions might just surprise you. I pride myself on being creative problem solvers and I love a challenge.

I can just do your photography, or I can manage your project from start to finish, including copy writing, editing, layout, design, printing, and website production. I give you handmade work with state-of-the-art artisanship. I give you satisfaction. Guaranteed.

About Craig Goldwyn

Photographer. I got my Masters of Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1975. It was the first MFA in Art Technology in the world. Since then my pictures have appeared in numerous galleries and publications (send me an email and I'll send you a secret url where you can see the cool virtual reality work I did for Playboy.com). And just for fun, I have also taken on stereography. Stereo images on the web might be the next big thing. To check out my websites devoted to imaging, go to http://craiggoldwyn.com and http://stereographer.com.

Craig's ugly muglyNethead. I was an e-commerce pioneer in 1989 when I co-founded the Computer WineMart on LA Online, many years before there even was a worldwide web ("For red wine type r, for white wine type w"). Then, in 1990 I founded the Food & Drink Network on AOL and I mastered their complex proprietary Rainman language. When I sold ads on my site on AOL in 1994 they told me to stop because "AOL does not accept advertising." I believe they've come around to my way of thinking since then. I ran this large and popular site for nine years before AOL annexed the real estate for themselves. More recently I have been building websites and email newsletters. For info about my web development projects, please visit http://visibility.tv.

Writer. Once upon a time I majored in journalism at the University of Florida. In the 1980s I wrote a weekly column about wine for the Chicago Tribune and a biweekly column for the Washington Post. My columns were even translated into Spanish for El Nuevo Dia in San Juan. I have also written about the restaurant trade for Restaurant Hospitality magazine.


I charge by the hour or day, plus expenses. For small jobs there is an hourly rate, for large jobs there is a day rate. Because there are no film, no chemicals, and no special printing papers, expenses are minimal. My rate is somewhere between the price of a good accountant and a good plumber. I typically deliver a written estimate in advance and I usually require a deposit/kill fee of about 50% of the estimate. Payment by credit card is preferred. I do not charge for multiple movies from the same spin at different resolutions. I do not charge per node (spin). I do not charge extra for 2D pics excerpted from the sequence. I do not charge extra for html or copywriting. Just an hourly or day rate. This is nice and clean and simple, isn't it? Please call for an estimate on your project. Let's get creative!

Editor and Publisher. I headed the launch of a magazine and I've been intimately involved in the launch of two other magazines and of six books. I even co-published the first CD-ROM about wine for Sony.

Lecturer. Twice a year for more than a decade, I have been privileged to lecture before 800 students at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration on American wine. My presentations get rave ratings, not really all that impressive when you consider that the students have been drinking. I have also spoken at numerous schools and conferences on everything from wine, to desktop publishing, to the internet, to photography, to writing.

Taster. I have judged numerous wine and food competitions around the world. It's a dirty job...

Entrepreneur. I founded a Sub-S corporation, converted it to a C-Corp., and served as president, CEO, and Chair for 15 years. I have also founded and presided over a not-for-profit corporation for 5 years. I know the difference between a balance sheet, P&L, and Cash Flow Statement. I've raised $2 million in capital (aaaarrrrgggghhhh), borrowed money from banks (and paid it all back), hired and fired (but I still don't understand these black arts), juggled egos in the office's hallway (or tried to, anyway), negotiated far too many contracts (and learned to tell lawyers when to back off), and managed to never be sued by anybody or have to sue anybody either.

Memberships. International QuickTime Virtual Reality Association (IQTVRA), National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), National Stereoscopic Association (NSA), Stereoscopic 3D Web Ring, Association of Internet Prefessionals (AIP), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Association for Multimedia Communications (AMC), FileMaker Solutions Alliance (FSA), American Institute of Wine & Food (AIWF), Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), the Society of Wine Educators (SWE) and a few others to whom I pay dues but with whom do not interract.

Craig Goldwyn • 3601 Prairie Ave. • Brookfield IL 60513

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